Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Guests

Steve Steinberg

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 28: Urban Shocker

Steve Steinberg concentrates on writing books about baseball – particularly about the early 20th century. Some of his titles: 1921: The Yankees, the Giants, and the Battle for Baseball Supremacy in New York … Baseball in St Louis, 1900-1925 … and of course, Urban Shocker: Silent Hero of Baseball’s Golden Age. You can learn more about Steve and his books by visiting his website by clicking here. Steve received the 2007 McFarland-SBAR Baseball Research Award for an article about Christy Mathewson. Steve is our guest on Episode 28 to talk about the forgotten career of Urban Shocker.

Peter Kessler

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 27: Roberto DiVicenzo

Peter Kessler was “The Voice” of HBO Sports from 1990 through 1995—narrating Peabody, Ace, and Emmy Award-Winning documentaries—including When it Was a Game, When it Was a Game II, the boxing trilogy In This Corner, and The Sweet Science.

The premier talent at Golf Channel from 1995 through 2002, Peter hosted, wrote, and produced 1,300 live one-hour episodes of four different shows: Golf Talk Live, Academy Live, Viewer’s Forum and Masters Highlights.

An active fixture in the golf industry, Peter has been featured in multiple golf publications around the world, including cover stories in Golf World and GolfWeek. His expertise and historical acumen was the subject of a ten-page profile and interview in Golf Digest. Additionally, Peter has produced programs for Callaway Golf, Adams Golf, Gary Player Golf, and Bobby Jones Golf.

The first “Voice” on The PGA TOUR Network, Peter also wrote and hosted a daily show from 2005 through 2015. His podcast on iTunes was rated the number one golf podcast for 2014 and 2015. Continually sought for narration work, Peter has provided voice-over talent for American Express, the NBA, the USTA, and The Boys and Girls Club of America.

John Husman

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 26: Gene Conley

John Husman is the team historian for the Toledo Mud Hens. Toledo has served as a minor league team for several baseball organizations including the Braves when they were located in Milwaukee and that’s where Husman first learned of Conley. Through the years, Husman followed Conley’s career and befriended him several years after Conley’s playing days were over.

George Grimm

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 25: Vic Hadfield

George Grimm is a lifelong fan of the New York Rangers. His love for the Rangers dates back to when he was a youngster and his father would take him to see the Rangers play at Madison Square Garden. Grimm’s love for the Rangers is HUGE and he decided to take pen to paper and write a book about his favorite team called, “We Did Everything But Win,” a chronicle of the late 1960s and early 1970s Rangers’ teams that came close to winning the Stanley Cup but just couldn’t get over the hump. Interviews so many of the stars of the team along with famed coach Emile Francis. A terrific look back at a great team.

Bill Pruden

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 24: Dave DeBusschere

Bill Pruden has been a teacher and administrator, primarily at the high school level for 35 years, but a sports fan forever.  A SABR member since 2001 he has contributed to both the SABR Bio and Games projects, as well as their recent book on Umpires.  He has published articles on a wide range of historical subjects reflective of a passion for American history that was undoubtedly fueled by the fact that as a 7-year-old, at only his second major league game, he witnessed Roger Maris’ historic 61st home run. To read the bios Bill has written click here.

Ralph Hickok

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 23: Johnny Blood

Ralph Hickok spent three years on the road with Johnny “Blood” McNally interviewing him, spending time with him, and he even got a terrific lesson in geography. After compiling all of his notes and honoring Johnny’s wish of not publishing the biography until after he had passed, Hickok put everything together and penned the terrific biography, Vagabond Halfback, The Saga of Johnny Blood McNally.” This is just the latest work from Hickok. A former editor at the Standard-Times in New Bedford, MA, Hickok is also the author of such books as: Who’s Who in American Sports, The Pro Football Companion and The New Encyclopedia of Sports. Click here to learn more about the books Ralph has written and to order your own copy of “Vagabond Halfback, The Saga of Johnny Blood McNally.”

Marshall Jon Fisher

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 22: Don Budge

Marshall Jon Fisher has been a tennis since he took up the game as a youngster in South Florida. His book, “A Terrible Splendor”, is a terrific account of one of the greatest tennis matches ever played, a Davis Cup match in 1937 between Don Budge and Germany’s Gottfried von Cramm. The events surrounding the match and the fact that Hitler and his charges had a vested interest in the outcome made this match even bigger. However, for this podcast, Fisher joins Sports’ Forgotten Heroes for a discussion on the American in the match and a a forgotten hero, Don Budge.And to see more terrific work from Marshall, check out his website:

Frank Ryan and Roger Gordon

Featured Guests on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 21: Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan is the last quarterback to lead the Cleveland Browns to an NFL Championship. He did so in 1964. A lightly regarded QB out of Rice, Ryan had a “big” arm and the Los Angeles Rams took a chance on Ryan in the fifth round of the 1958 draft. Four years later they traded him to the Cleveland Browns. Ryan, along with author Roger Gordon, join the podcast to talk about Ryan’s career and the 1964 championship team. Gordon’s latest book, “So You Think You’re A Cleveland Browns Fan?” is one of many books Roger has written about the Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

John M. Heisman

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 20: John W. Heisman

John M. Heisman is the great-nephew of the legendary football coach John W. Heisman, the man for whom the Heisman Trophy is named. John M. was “charged” by his father to preserve and document the legacy of John W. It was a huge undertaking and after years of research and writing and after submitting a manuscript on his own, John M. contacted college football expert Mark Schlabach and the two co-authored the book, “Heisman, The Man Behind the Trophy”While John M. Heisman discusses the man innovations his great-uncle brought to the game and his extraordinary record as a coach, he also discloses many stories from off-the-field too.

Tim Wendel

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 16 & 19: The Buffalo Braves & Ernie DiGregorio

Tim Wendel has authored over a dozen books on a variety of topics including basketball, baseball, and hockey. Currently, Tim works as an editor at the USA Today, but it’s his love of sport and the Buffalo Braves that brings Tim to Sports’ Forgotten Heroes. His book, “Buffalo, Home of the Braves” was published several years ago and remains in high demand. In fact, you can check out for a copy of this book … and it’s filled with a library of fun and historic photos of the Braves. Tim’s latest project, “Cancer Crossings” is a book near and dear to his heart, and is a must-read for anyone. For the sport’s fan, however, Tim has a many other books sure to whet your appetite beginning with “Buffalo, Home of the Braves”.

Dennis Maruk

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 18: Dennis Maruk

Dennis Maruk was one of the first players in NHL history to score 60 goals in a single season. He did so in the 1981-82 campaign, one season after scoring 50 goals. Those two magical years while playing for the Washington Capitals were the two best of his 15-year career. Yet, a majority of hockey fans don’t recall Maruk and that could be because he played for such teams as the Capitals (long before they became Cup contenders), the California Golden Seals, the Cleveland Barons and the Minnesota North Stars. Maruk recently released a book, “Dennis Maruk, The Unforgettable Story of Hockeys Forgotten 60 Goal Man.” Not only does the book talk about his career, but it discusses the ups and downs of his life off the ice too.

James C. Sulecki

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 14 & 17: The Cleveland Rams & Bob Waterfield

James C. Sulecki is the author of the recently released, “The Cleveland Rams, The NFL Champs Who Left Too Son, 1936-1945”. A wonderfully written book about a team most NFL fans have forgotten or never heard about. Sulecki, who won the Nelson Ross Award from the Professional Football Researchers Association for “outstanding achievement in pro football research and historiography” is a former sports writer and now runs a media company near his home in Ohio.

Kartik Krishnaiyer

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 15: Justin Fashanu

Kartik Krishnaiyer has written two books on soccer, is the Managing Editor of and co-hosts the World Soccer Talk podcast. He has written two books on soccer: “Soccerwarz: Inside America’s Soccer Feud Between MLS, NASL and USL” … and … “Blue With Envy: My American Journey with Manchester City”Kartik has also worked as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for the NASL (North American Soccer League), was the host of the American Soccer Show on the Champions Soccer Radio Network, the Major League Soccer Talk podcast and the EPL Talk podcast. 

Bill Lamberty

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 13: Amos Otis

Bill Lamberty has worked as Montana State’s Sports Information Director for 27 years. He graduated from Wyoming with a journalism degree in 1986, and from MSU with a master’s in history in 2009. His wife of 25 years, Lynn, cheers for the Brewers, but their son Nate (a two-year starting catcher at Whitworth University and now an athletic trainer grad assistant at Nebraska) and daughter Ellie (Whitworth Class of ‘19) both call the Royals their team.  They come by that naturally, as their father has cheered for the Royals since year one, and after brief dalliances with the likes of Richie Scheinblum and Fran Healy claimed Amos Otis as his favorite player. With all due reverence for the greatest Royal of them all, George Brett, and the team’s current greats, that status has never changed. Bill, a long time member of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research, has also written bios on Sam Crawford, Harry Pulliam, George Sisley and Roy Thomas.

Lee Elder

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 12: Benny Friedman

Lee Elder is the Secretary and Media Coordinator for the Professional Football Researchers Association. His Civil War book, That Bloody Hill: Hilliard’s Legion at Chickamauga, will be published in the spring. He wrote an essay for a forthcoming book on the 1958 Colts. A former sportswriter and broadcaster, he is a member of the Imperial Valley High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame for his media work. He and wife Amy live in Tallmadge, Ohio, where he is a public relations representative for Goodyear Racing.

David M. Jordan

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 11: Hal Newhouser

In 1990 the book, “A Tiger In His Time, Hal Newhouser and the Burden of Wartime Baseball,” was published. A terrific account of Newhouser’s career from the time he played American Legion baseball through his career as a baseball scout, author David M. Jordan makes a case for the only pitcher to ever win back-to-back MVP awards to be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. Long overlooked because some of his best years were played during WWII, voters read the book and shortly thereafter inducted Hal Newhouser into the Hall of Fame. Jordan, a graduate of Princeton University has written many other books on baseball, politics and soldiers. But his book on Hal Newhouser had the biggest impact of all. To see more of his work visit his page on Amazon.



Bill Swank

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 10: Nate Colbert

Bill Swank has been called the preeminent baseball historian in San Diego by the San Diego Historical Society. He is the author of many books including: “Baseball in San Diego: From the Padres to Petco,” and “Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres”. He also wrote the book on the original San Diego Padres, a team that played at Lane Field from 1936 to 1957. Bill’s latest book, “Christmas in San Diego” , can be found right here, along with the other books he has written. Currently, Bill writes for the Clairemont Times in the San Diego area. A lifelong fan of the Padres, and a team he has written about professionally, Swank knows the story of August 1, 1972 and Nate Colbert very well.

Tony Parker

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 09: Willie Anderson

Professionally known as Dr. Anthony W. Parker, “Tony” received his BA and MA in American History from the University of Georgia and his PhD in Scottish History from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Possessing a strong and insatiable appetite for golf, Tony is very active in radio, television, and is a keynote speaker when it comes to the history of the game throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. He was appointed as Curator of Golf Collections in the Special Collections of the University of St. Andrews, the first to hold that position in the 600-year history of the University. Since 2014, Tony has been the Historian to the World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Augustine, Florida.

Denny McLain, Bill Caplan and Don Chargin

Featured Guests on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 08: Dean Chance

Denny McLain

The last man to win 30 games in one season, Denny McLain had a season for the ages in 1968 going 31-6 with a 1.96 ERA while leading Detroit to a World Series win over the St. Louis Cardinals. McLain backed up his 1968 season with a another Cy Young Award winning year going 24-9 in 1969. Across the diamond, McLain had a great seat on so many occasions to watch Dean Chance pitch, and after both had finished their careers, they became fast friends.

Bill Caplan

Inducted into the boxing Hall of Fame in 2002 for his work as a publicist, Bill Caplan has spent a lifetime surrounded by the sport’s biggest names. Not only was he a fan of Dean Chance, he worked with Dean during the heyday of boxing and the International Boxing Association.

Don Chargin

Don Chargin has been a boxing promoter for as long as he can remember and was inducted into the boxing Hall of Fame in 2001. Don worked with Dean Chance on several cards and was there when Dean created the International Boxing Association.

Bill Roland

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 07: Tony Lema

Bill Roland graduated from St. Louis University in 1969 with a B.S. Degree in Finance. Following nearly 10 years in the business world, he attended the University of Utah and earned a Journalism Degree in the Communication School. He was an Associate Editor for a Salt Lake City Sports Magazine for two years before he became Editor of The Golf Traveler magazine for nine years. Bill has been a member of the Golf Writers Association of America since 1982. He wrote an article about Tony Lema that appeared in a 1984 issue of Golf Digest. He remained close to members of the Lema family and decided to write Champagne Tony Lema: Triumph to Tragedy in the fall of 2012 so that the book would be written and published in time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Tony Lema’s 1964 British Open victory!

George Thomas Clark

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 06: Teofilo Stevenson

Tom Clark (George Thomas Clark) loves to write … and he loves to write on many different topics, including boxing. His most noteworthy piece on boxing is, Death in The Ring”, where he “invites” many of the greatest boxers, and their contemporaries, to tell their stories. Another of Tom’s more noteworthy works is not about boxing, rather, it’s about a much more controversial topic – Hitler. Entitled, Hitler Here”, is an extremely well-researched piece where Tom has Hitler tell his own story and includes fictional (albeit, well-researched) interviews with people like Eva Braun and others. For a closer look at this piece, “Death in The Ring”, and more, visit Tom’s website:

John Saccoman

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 05: Ed Delahanty

Image result for john saccoman seton hall

A member of SABR, The Society for American Baseball research, John Saccoman (Professor and Chair; Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Seton Hall University) has written two biographies for SABR’s Biography Project. In addition to his biography on Ed Delahanty, Saccoman also authored SABR’s biography on Jim Delahanty. The Biography Project is a very ambitious undertaking by SABR as it is attempting to churn out a biography on every player who has played in or manager Major League Baseball game. There are biographies on some of the most obscure players such as: Stan Hack, Bobby Veach, and Bob Emslie … and of course biographies on the greatest players to have ever played the game including the likes of Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Christy Mathewson. To check out some of the biographies click here: SABR. To see read Saccoman’s biography on Ed Delahanty click here:  … and to read his bio on Jim Delahanty click here: Jim Delahanty.

Kevin Shea

Featured Guest on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 03 and 04: Bill Barilko

Kevin Shea has written several books on hockey including the terrific biography on Bill Barilko. His latest work is the “The Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club: Official Centennial Publication”. One of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the history of hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Bill Barilko, Shea is a recipient of the Society for International Hockey Research’s Brian McFarlane Award for Excellence in Hockey Research and Writing. To learn more about Kevin, and to see all of the books he has written visit

Charles de Gravelles and Jim Weathersby

Featured Guests on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes Episode 01 and 02: Billy Cannon

Charles de Gravelles and Billy Cannon

Charles de Gravelles, Author

Charles de Gravelles is the author of Billy Cannon A Long, Long Run”, and joins me on Sports’ Forgotten Heroes for Part I & II of the podcast on Billy Cannon. de Gravelles worked in the Louisiana prison system as a pastor and gained the trust – and friendship – of Billy Cannon. Many authors approached Cannon about writing his biography, but Cannon turned all of them down. However, several people encouraged de Gravelles to do the same, and Cannon agreed. To order a copy of Billy Cannon A Long, Long Run”, an absolutely terrific biography on the “Legend” you can get a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, wherever great books are sold.

Jim Weathersby,

Jim Weathersby has been following the SEC for his entire life and is somewhat of an expert on the conference. Rather than just sit on his knowledge of the SEC – and many other sports, and individual teams like the Atlanta Braves – Jim started the website Filled with articles, stats and information, is a terrific site to visit. Jim also joined Sports’ Forgotten Heroes and shared some great information about Cannon’s abilities on the football field.