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December 12, 2017: Ernie DiGregorio … Ernie DiGregorio enjoyed a terrific, yet brief, career in the NBA as an all-star guard for the Buffalo Braves. One of three players to win Rookie of the Year honors during the Braves short, eight-year existence, he was an exciting point guard who could fill the bucket, dish out the assists, and put fannies in the seat. Author Tim Wendel, who wrote the book, “Buffalo, Home of the Braves”, returns to SFH for a wonderful conversation about a great player and his wonderful legacy.

December 26, 2017: John W. Heisman … Sure, almost everyone – especially sport’s fans, have heard of the Heisman Trophy. But what about the man for whom the trophy is named? Who was John W. Heisman and what were his contributions to college football? What kind of player was he? What teams did he coach? Why was the trophy named after him? These answers and more when his great-nephew and author of the book, “Heisman, The Man Behind The Trophy,” John M. Heisman joins the podcast.

January 9, 2017: Frank Ryan … The Cleveland Browns used to be one of the most dominant teams in football, and that includes the old AAFC. In 1964, the Browns won their last NFL Championship and they were led by quarterback Frank Ryan, whom Bleacher Report calls the most underrated player in the NFL history! Ryan joins the podcast to talk about his career and the 1964 Browns.