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October 1, 2019 … The last time the Cleveland Browns won a championship was when they upset the heavily favored Baltimore Colts 27-0 in the 1964 NFL Championship Game. The coach of that championship team was a man most fans don’t remember or have never heard of – Blanton Collier. Collier who had replaced the legendary Paul Brown a year earlier, actually led the Browns into four championship games. Roger Gordon who recently released the book, “Blanton’s Browns,” returns for another visit as we talk about the wonderful career of Blanton Collier.

October 15, 2019 … In 1950, the NFL expanded and two of its new teams came from the rival league, the All America Football Conference. Those two teams, the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49’ers have certainly made their mark on the NFL. In fact, in 1950, the Browns shocked the NFL when it won the NFL Championship. That win also proved just how good the the AAFC was. Although it was only around a short time, 1946-1949, the AAFC made a mark. Interestingly, though, unlike the AFL which started play in 1960 and merged with the NFL years later, the AAFC is rarely spoken about or recognized by the NFL. Gary Webster, who wrote the terrific book, “The League That Didn’t Exist: A History of the All America Football Conference, 1946-1949,” is the guest for this expanded edition of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes which takes an in-depth look at this long-forgotten league.

October 29, 2019 … Almost everyone has worn a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars. But few know the story of Chuck Taylor or if Chuck Taylor was a real person. Well, not only was Chuck Taylor real, he was a heckuva basketball player, a really good salesman, and he created a special “aura” around the most famous athletic shoe in history. And, in return, the athletic shoe helped Chuck achieve heights few would could imagine. Taylor’s annual basketball yearbook was crucial to the fortunes of many. He put on clinics that thousands upon thousands attended, and his audience included the likes of John Wooden and Dean Smith. Abe Aamidor took on the challenge of writing the definitive biography of Chuck Taylor and along with the great folks at Indiana University Publishing released, “Chuck Taylor All Star, The Story of the Man Behind the Most Famous Athletic Show in History.” Abe stopped by for a visit and a wonderful discussion about a man who was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996 with such basketball greats as Adolph Rupp, Red Auerbach and Hank Iba.