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October 3, 2017: Cleveland Rams … That’s right the Rams were originally the Cleveland Rams. In 1945, the Rams won the NFL Championship and followed that with a move out west to Los Angeles. In Cleveland, however, this team was destined for failure. Rocky ownership, poor tickets sales, empty stadiums, and long history of losing, this team never really had a chance in Cleveland. Mostly caused by poor management, after winning the title in 1945, ownership finally had enough and “snuck” the team out of town. Join me along with Jim Sulecki, author of the book, The Cleveland Ramsas we explore the history of the Rams in Cleveland and what led to their departure.

October 17, 2017: Justin Fashanu … He scored one of the most incredible goals you will ever see when playing for little Nottingham Forest when it took on Liverpool. In fact, it was named “Goal of the Year”, and Fashanu parlayed that goal into chance at the big time when he was transferred to Norwich City for biggest sum ever – $1-million pounds! What should have been the beginning to an incredible career turned out to be the first step in a series on events that ultimately culminated in tragedy. Kartik Krishnaiyer from World Soccer Talk joins the podcast to take a look back at the career of Justin Fashanu, a career that never reached the heights everyone had predicted.

October 31, 2017: Buffalo Braves … Before they were the Los Angeles Clippers they called Buffalo home (after a short stop in San Diego), and what a time they had. Like any expansion team, the Buffalo Braves struggled, but the ability to recognize star talent and draft smartly, put this franchise on the brink of something special. Stars such as Bob McAdoo, Randy Smith, Ernie DiGregorio and Adrian Dantley knew how to fill the bucket and run the rest of the NBA ragged. And with coach, Dr. Jack Ramsay at the helm, no telling how far the Braves could go. But the Braves weren’t long for Buffalo, and through a series of events, were relocated to San Diego. Tim Wendel, author of “Buffalo, Home Of The Braves”, joins the podcast as we recall the Buffalo Braves.