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February 19, 2019 … Sticking with a basketball theme, we turn our attention to the old American Basketball Association and one of its most successful franchises, the Kentucky Colonels. By all rights, this team should have been included in the ABA/NBA merger, but the owner of the Colonels – John Y. Brown – had other ideas and he folded the team rather than pay the NBA its entrance fee. For more on the history of the Colonels, its stars, its run to an ABA Championship and the revolving door of coaches and owners, listen to Gary P. West author of “Kentucky Colonels, The Real Story of a Team Left Behind,” as we talk about an absolutely explosive team that featured a roster of future Hall of Fame talent.

March 5, 2019 … Ron McDole played 18 years of professional football, spending eight of those years with the Buffalo Bills and another eight with the Washington Redskins. McDole was quite fortunate playing for two of football’s legendary coaches: Lou Saban and George Allen. He also played with the Bills when they were in the AFL and has great insight on the different styles of the two leagues, the AFL vs. the NFL. McDole also set some records along the way as a defensive lineman that are still waiting to be broken and on this episode of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes, this Hall of Fame hopeful – Ron McDole – joins the podcast as we talk about his career and the game he loved so much.

March 19, 2019 … The Kansas City Scouts are one of the most forgotten and unknown teams in the history of sports. Playing in relative obscurity, the Scouts skated in the NHL for two seasons, 1974-75 and 1975-76. They weren’t very good, but they definitely featured some talent. Guy Charron, Simon Nolet, Dennis Heron and Wilf Paiemont all wore the blue, red, yellow and white of the uniform that featured an Indian Scout on a horse overlooking the landscape. But the Scouts never caught on in Kansas City and after just two seasons, relocated to Colorado before finding a permanent home in New Jersey and winning three Stanley Cups as the New Jersey Devils. Troy Treasure who write the book, “Icing on the Plains, The Rough Ride of Kansas City’s NHL Scouts,” joins the podcast for a look back at a team so few remember.