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January 12, 2020:

Tom Fears is just one of those guys whose career as a split-end in the NFL has faded with time. And that’s amazing, considering he was one of the game’s first deep threats catching a record 77-passes in 1949 and broke that with 84 in 1950. He also grabbed an NFL-record 18 passes in one game in 1950. Later he was the first coach of the New Orleans Saints. Listen to his incredible story now on SFH.

December 29, 2020:

Jim Neilson is one of the greatest to ever play for the New York Rangers. But, because of his defensive-style of play, he didn’t put up the offensive numbers the great defenseman of today post year-after-year. Nonetheless, Neilson was as steady as they came and was a key cog in the Rangers rise from perennial cellar-dwellers to Stanley Cup Contenders. On this episode of SFH, the great Vic Hadfield along with Jim’s three children, Dana, Darcy and David join for a wonderful discussion about one of the greatest Rangers – Jim Neilson.

December 15, 2020:

Jerry Izenberg is one of this era’s great sport’s writers and on this special edition of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes, rather than talk about the stars on the field, we look at the phenomenal career of a writer who made the game so much more interesting for us away from the field with author Ed Odeven who just recently released a new book, “Going 15-Rounds with Jerry Izenberg.