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Throughout the long history of the NHL, the New York Rangers have been very fortunate to have some of the game’s greatest goalies suit up and protect their net. Guys like the great Jacques Plante, Eddie Giacomin and most recently Henrik Lundqvist. But there have been others as well, goalies whose names have faded away with time and on this episode of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes, we take a look back at three of those goalies: Dave Kerr, Chuck Rayner and Gump Worsley. Now, Worsley might be a very recognizable name to many hockey fans; however, he is best known for the multiple Stanley Cup Championships he won as the netminder for the immortal Montreal Canadiens teams of the 1960s. But, before he played for Montreal, Worsley was the star goalie of the Rangers, where he toiled between the pipes for 10 seasons. Like those before him, and many after, Worsley was a victim of a very weak team. Yet, he kept the Rangers in games and gave them a fighting chance. Dave Kerr preceded Worsley by 20-years. An outstanding goalie who led New York to a Stanley Cup Championship in 1940, Kerr also won a Vezina Trophy and actually finished his Rangers career with a record of 157 wins, 110 losses and 57 ties. Many of those wins were directly attributed to Kerr’s incredible play. Rayner, too, was victimized by a poor Rangers team and no matter how well he played, he could not lead New York to many wins. In fact, Rayner was significantly under .500 for the Rangers. In eight seasons he won 123 games, lost 179 and finished with 73 ties. But, he did lead New York to a Stanley Cup Final in 1950, a Final the Rangers lost in seven games (the 7th game went into double-OT). Rayner was so stoic in the nets, that, even though he finished his career 69-games under .500, he was still inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. George Grimm, who previously talked about Vic Hadfield with us, recently released a book, “Guardians of the Goal,” a historical look back at the men who minded the nets for New York, returns to Sports’ Forgotten Heroes for a wonderful discussion about these three New York goalies: Dave Kerr, Chuck Rayner and Gump Worsley.


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