Dolph Schayes

Dolph Schayes was named one of the NBA’s 50 greatest, yet, so few recall him; and many confuse him for his son Danny (who played 20 years in the NBA). Dolph broke in with the Syracuse Nationals in the 1949-50 season after starring at NYU. The Nationals outbid the New York Knicks for Dolph’s services and reaped the benefits of Schayes’s ability to score and rebound. In fact, the 6-foot-8 center/power forward led Syracuse to the playoffs EVERY year of he played, including the magical season of 1954-55 when the Nationals won the NBA Championship. Despite how good Syracuse was, drawing fans was always a challenge and after the  1962-63 campaign, Syracuse left town, relocated to Philadelphia and changed their name to the 76’ers. During the team’s first year in Philly, Schayes served as its player/coach. He retired as a player to concentrate on coaching and after his third year was let go. But, as a player, he dominated and was actually the league’s all-time leading scorer and rebounder when he retired. Joining SFH to talk about Dolph Schayes is Dolph Grundman, author of the book, “Dolph Schayes and The Rise of Professional Basketball.


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