Ron McDole

Ron McDole played 18 years of professional football including eight with the Buffalo Bills (starting when they were in the AFL), and eight with the Washington Redskins. A defensive end, McDole still holds the record for most interceptions by a DE, and he was quite deft at blocking kicks as well. McDole’s unique perspective on the game and learning from two of the best, Lou Saban and George Allen, is captured in his book, “The Dancing Bear, My 18 Years in the Trenches of the AFL and NFL” and on this episode of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes, Ron McDole is here to share many of his stories. What is was like to play football and have to work during the off-season to earn a living, playing for George Allen’s Over the Hill Gang with the Redskins, and he reflects on many of the game’s wonderful personalities with whom he played including: Jack Kemp, Sonny Jurgenson, Billy Kilmer, Paul Maguire and Jim Dunaway. McDole also reflects on the great times he had off the field, his legendary Halloween parties and the fact that he and a few of his teammates were actually “banned” from eating at a few all-you-can-eat establishments. McDole also discusses how his career almost ended because of a serious bout with migraine seizures. On the field, McDole was agile, quick and relentless in pursuit. He still holds the record for most interceptions by a defensive lineman with 12, and proudly talks about the defense he played that did not allow a rushing touchdown for 17 straight games. We’re excited to have Ron McDole on this episode of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes.


Ron McDole’s Football Statistics

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