Milwaukee County Stadium

Milwaukee County Stadium, opened in 1953 and demolished in 2001 is my first foray into discussing a stadium or arena as a forgotten hero. So, can a structure be a forgotten hero? Well, maybe not the structure itself, but many of the events that took place in a certain building certainly can be lost due to the fact that said structure is no longer with us … and Milwaukee County Stadium absolutely fits the bill. This stadium was the home to the Milwaukee Braves from 1953 through 1965 and was the place record-setting crowds attended to watch their beloved Braves win the 1957 World Series … was the site where Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr and Paul Hornung – amongst others – led the Packers to NFL Championships, even if it was on a part-time basis … and was also the site for the one of the most unpredictable launches to a franchise. Yes, in 1970 the Milwaukee Brewers weren’t even a team until AFTER spring training concluded. Throughout the 1970 spring training campaign, they were the Seattle Pilots and when camp broke the players had no idea where they were heading; and just hours before the season was to start, the Pilots were sold and the Brewers were born. Yes, Milwaukee has a rich and unique baseball history and so much of it is captured in the new book by Jim Cryns, “On Story Parkway.” This massive collection of history and stories about the Braves, the Brewers and the Packers was quite an undertaking and on this episode of Sports’ Forgotten Heroes, Cryns shares a ton of it. How and why the stadium was built, the exciting days in which the Braves were a part of the community, their bitter end, and Bud Selig’s relentless pursuit to replace them. Milwaukee County Stadium was a place where baseball fans and football fans gathered for decades to just take in the game. It wasn’t a cathedral or palace like many of today’s incredible structures, rather it was a place where you could go and grab a hot dog and a drink, watch your favorite stars, teams and enjoy a terrific game. Join Jim Cryns now on SFH as he recalls some of those stories and discusses more about a stadium that saw so much and is now nothing more than a distant memory.


Milwaukee County Stadium

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